the small business network


Business Description

A full business description can be found on our home page

Privacy Policy

All non financial information will be stored for 2 years as per the Data Protection Act. No information will be passed on to third parties.

Delivery Policy

All sponsored books will be sent to the requested school within 28 days of receipt of payment, and school of choice has been made. No journals can be sent without this information.

Advertising on The Small Business Network is invitation only, and is included when purchased with Books For School Sponsorship through Waldorf and James Publications Ltd and publication companies within the Waldorf Group.

Return/Refund/Cancellation Policy

All orders can be cancelled within 14 days of the original order date.

Payments recieved will include a 20% charge, inclusive of VAT,
that covers future administration and distrubution costs, as well of cost for advertising on The Small Business Network.


For any questions & queries, we are contactable through our contact page, or you can write to us at:
The Small Business Network, 97 Powerscourt Road, Porthsmouth. Hampshire. PO2 7JG.

The Small Business Network is a trading name of Waldorf and James Publications Ltd.
Company Registration No:09272108
VAT No:103 1793 37