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Vivienne Waddington Counselling

  • Psychology Graduate - BSc (Hons)
  • Member Of The British Psychological Society
  • Professional And Discrete
  • Non Judgemental

Brinkworth Place
Telno: 01753860744

Vivienne Waddington Counselling

Vivienne Waddington Counselling

Highly qualified psychologist and counsellor here to help you

If you are struggling to cope with bereavement, addiction or a total loss of self esteem, please give Vivienne a call.

Vivienne Waddington, Bachelor of Science and Member of the British Psychological Society, specialises in supporting people with serious issues relating to depression, trauma, addiction and bereavement

Highly professional and extremely discrete, Vivienne provides counselling services and on-going help and support.

About Vivienne Waddington

  • Psychology graduate - BSc (Hons)
  • Member of The British Psychological Society
  • Professional and discrete
  • Non judgemental

Based in Windsor Vivienne covers:

  • Windsor
  • Slough
  • Staines
  • Egham
  • Maidenhead

Vivienne Waddington - supporting you through a crisis

Vivienne is a highly qualified psychologist with many years of experience supporting clients through extremely difficult times in their lives.

Problems presented to Vivienne range from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to struggling to come to terms with bereavement and substance abuse to addiction.

If you can't see a way forward, please call for a chat. After an initial discussion to assess the nature of your distress, Vivienne will suggest a programme of support to help you address your anxieties and find strategies that will help you move forward to a more fulfilled life.

Vivienne Waddington BSc (Hons) MBPsS can help with:

  • Bereavement support
  • Addiction counselling
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Depression and Lost of Self-Esteem
  • On-going help and support

Take the first step on your road to a better future

We do not offer advice or solutions. Through an on-going programme of discussion, Vivienne will help you to identify and understand the cause of your problems and encourage you to formulate an approach to life that will enable you to move forward in a positive way.

Setting achievable goals and succeeding is the first step on the road to recovery so take the first step now and call Vivienne.

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