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Stalleon Maintenance Service Ltd

  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Installation
  • Access Control Systems
  • Comissioning And Installation

Fawkhan Road
West Kings Down
TN15 6JS
Telno: 01474854444

Stalleon Maintenance Service Ltd

Stalleon Maintenance Service Ltd

Stalleon Controls International Ltd, based in Kent some 20 miles south east of central London.

The Stalleon group of companies was formed in 1985 to bring together a team of professional who have individual skills and responsibility for fire detection and protection and security systems.

Stalleon work closely with Architects, Consulting Engineers, Clients and equipment manufactures to produce comprehensive design specifications and working design drawings, given the requirements both technically and financially for individual systems or combining all our specialties into one function, avoiding many normal bottlenecks and problems experienced with some other larger companies.

The whole project becomes more disciplined and professional at all stages from initial design to completion and handover.

Stalleon has a selective list of equipment suppliers whose own facilities and experience are ‘harnessed’ to provide a composite approach with specialist control equipment made to suit individual project requirements when required.

All equipment supplied by Stalleon carries BS, EN, FM, UL, VDS or DIN standard approvals dependent upon the nature of equipment, requirements in use or country of destination.

The combination of our very high standards of design and procurement provide a proven track record of quality and reliability. We believe that the Stalleon approach gives the best possible control over all aspects of construction, procurement/delivery and installation.

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