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Pizza Margherita

  • Opened For Over 30 Years
  • Fantastic Pizzas
  • Pre Theatre Menus Available
  • Delicious Specials

2 Moor Lane
Telno: 0152468820

Pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita

Welcome to Pizza Margherita

Wendy Allen, sister of Peter Boizot, founder of the Pizza Express group, restored the old lino warehouse in Moor Lane in 1979 and opened Pizza Margherita on 4th December of that year.

At that time pizza was something of an unknown quantity, but with the daisies painted on the window and bright green chairs it soon caught the eye and within a year it had become established. Thirty years on.... and we are still making amazing Pizzas!

The philosophy behind it was that it would be open for a minimum of twelve hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year, except for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and so it has been.

The decor is simple - white walls, tile floor and marble tables with stylish, comfortable chairs.

Likewise the menu. Pizza still remains the speciality. The dough is made to our own recipe on the premises, using only the highest quality ingredients. You can see the pizzaolo stretching the dough, adding your chosen toppings from the glass bowls in front of him, putting it in the oven and three minutes later bringing it out piping hot and ready to bring to you.

It should be emphasised that Pizza Margherita is a restaurant where you can sit and relax and spend the evening if you so wish. On the other hand if you are on your way to the Dukes Theatre across the road or to the Grand Theatre around the corner, you can be served quickly. You can choose the pace! A pre-theatre menu is available. If you wish you can have one of our first courses before you go and come back afterwards to have a pizza or pasta, or maybe just a dessert.

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