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Nautilus Aquatics

  • Fantastic Reputation For 30 Years
  • Ponds And Accessories
  • Disease And Water Treatments
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Nautilus Aquatics

Nautilus Aquatics

Welcome To Nautilus Aquatics

Here at Nautilus Aquatics, Aquarium and Pond fish specialists based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, we cater for all Pond and Watergarden Hobbyists, together with Tropical, Coldwater Indoor Aquarists and more.

Over 15 years of fishkeeping experience led to the opening of Nautilus Aquatics in 1981.

Since that time we are proud to have had a reputation for honest and sound advice that is second to none.

Whether you're a long-standing aquarist or new to the hobby, you can be sure of our best efforts to ensure your success.

We try, at all times, to supply the best quality live stock and reliable equipment at the most reasonable prices.

Whether you need a waterfall section or pond pump or a lifetime guarantee pond liner, or a top quality tropical aquarium, or fish tank equipment in the Wakefield and Pontefract area, we're sure to have the ideal product for you.

For further information please call us here at Nautilus Aquatics today and see how we can help.

Tropical Freshwater

We are well known for stocking a wide range of aquarium stock at great prices.

Tropical Aquariums- We have a 1000 Square Foot Fish tank showroom with numerous brands of fish tanks and cabinets such as Aqua-one, Fluval, Juwel, Interpet, Biorb and many more.

Fish Tank Equipment- We have all the equipment needed for tropical and cold water fish tanks.

We stock filters, internal and external, heaters, air pumps and accessories to go with them, light tubes and LED's, water treatments and disease treatments and water testing kits.

Ornaments- We have ornaments galore! We have children's ornaments, air powered ornaments, caves, artificial plants, natural rock, real wood and sand waterfalls.

Live plants and Live Food- We have a Live food and plant delivery every Friday! We stock Live bloodworm, large bloodworm, daphnia, brineshrimp and tubifex.

We get over 100 lives plants weekly. Including popular favourites like Amazon Swords, Java fern, Ambulia and Vallis.

Live Tropical Fish- We have a Tropical Fish house which has more than 100 fish tanks.

We keep thousands of species of fish. All our staff are very knowledgeable about the fish we keep and how to keep them correctly.

Over the last 30 years we have built up a reputation for having a fantastic guarantee policy.

We honour the manufacturers guarantee for example a product that has a three year manufacturers guarantee will be honoured by us for the full three years providing proof of purchase is given.

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