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FFS Bookkeeping

  • Bookkeeping For Small To Medium Large Businesses
  • Personal Help And Advice
  • High Quality Service
  • PAYE

Old Manse
Cuffs Lane
Telno: 01747870791

FFS Bookkeeping

FFS Bookkeeping

Book keeping is the process of recording daily business transactions. Accounting is the process of reporting on those business transactions as a whole. The Personal Computer makes it possible for even the smallest business to consider keeping its book keeping, for your own business.

Based at Salisbury in Wiltshire our reputation has spread to nearby towns such as Trowbridge, Westbury, Shaftesbury, Blandford Forum, Devizes, and Andover, Winchester and Southampton in Hampshire.

We provide Bespoke Bookkeeping Systems for the small to medium large business, especially:

  • where there is no in-house personnel trained in accountancy
  • where the book keeper can have personal help and advice
  • where the business owner / manager wants instant management financial figures, for the small business to save expense on audit and preparation of annual accounts
  • where a wages bureau service for PAYE is required, at economic cost

We tailor the chart of accounts, analysis, to the specific functions of the buisness and and areas of usefull mamagement control needed. Alterations possible.

Our system is fully accepted by HM R&C, incl VAT and the system will 'speak' to Iris; the Books are locked at the point of the VAT return completion.

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