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Bridlington Shellfish

  • Britain's Finest Shellfish
  • We Supply Fresh, Live Produce All Over The UK
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • We Deliver Throughout The UK

The Former Harbour Masters Office
Harbour Road
YO15 2NR
Telno: 01262409908

Bridlington Shellfish

Bridlington Shellfish

At Bridlington Shellfish Co.Ltd, we are known for supplying quality shellfish throughout the UK. We ensure our holding tanks are in pristine condition at all times, and document our hygiene process from landing to dispatch.

A lot of customers pick up their own orders at the times of our landing while others have their orders delivered to their doorstep.

We have our own refrigerated vehicles that ensure fresh shellfish delivered to our customers.

Bridlington Shellfish company is owned and managed by eight directors, each having their own boats. We also act as agents for the owners of other boats who hand their produce directly to us and provide us with constant supply of fresh and quality shellfish.

Britain's finest shellfish

Bridlington is one of Britain's largest shell fishing ports. Its multi-million pound export market supplies crabs and lobsters to markets, restaurants and hotels in France, Spain and Italy.

Quality guaranteed

If you wish to get fresh shellfish delivered at your doorstep by trusted suppliers in Bridlington, give Bridlington Shellfish a call today! We deliver our produce throughout the UK.

Bridlington Shellfish Co.Ltd is a nationwide wholesale shellfish supplier based in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. We deliver bulk orders of both brown crabs and lobsters to restaurants, pubs and fishmongers across the UK.

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